Spring Renewal

May 20, 2016

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! We have been busy preparing our newly expanded showroom and patio, updating our building, and educating ourselves on our new products! We are proud to announce we now carry Bullfrog spas, Saber Grills and Radiant Pools. We still offer all the same brands we have been with just a few more innovative products added to the mix! 

Bullfrog spas offer a hot tub experience like you've never seen! With the JetPak technology, you can easily move your jets from one seat to another. The only tub that is customizable and upgradable. The JetPak system allows for a more efficient use of plumbing, creating a more energy efficient spa!

Saber Grills' patented cooking system delivers 100% pure infrared heat for juicy, tender and delicious results! Flare-ups are eliminated, meaning no more charred meat and dramatic temperature fluctuations. Saber's exclusive system vaporizes any drippings and adds natural smoke flavor to grilled foods.

Radiant Pools are the only structurally insulated swimming pool in the industry. Limitless installation options allow for above or in-ground pools, shapes and curves all to your desire. Extend your swimming season and enjoy the energy savings of the insulated structure of the Radiant pools.

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