Thanksgiving Grilling

November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving is busy day of prepping, planning the cooking schedule in the oven, cooking, watching the parade, baking, checking on the turkey, eating, resting, eating some more, watching football, eating pie and finally slipping into your food coma. 

Free up your oven and fire up your grill this year! Grilled turkey is delicious! Whether you pull out the charcoal grill, put the bird on the rotisserie or just in a pan on the grill you are sure to please! Thanksgiving just got easier and juicier with slow cooking the turkey on the grill! Now for all those sides... grilling is an option there too!

Check out some of these recipes!

How to Grill a Turkey

Grill-Roasted Turkey

Butter Injected Rotisserie Turkey

Thanksgiving Roasted Vegetables

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