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3 Easy Ways to Season Your Grill Grates
from Saber Grills

Seasoning grill grates before and after you grill, will prevent rust, make cleaning easier and make your food taste better. Here’s how to do it. Click here for Saber Grills Pinterest page that is growing pretty fast with amazing recipes and ideas!

Over time, grill grates can corrode or get so sticky that it’s nearly impossible to pull food off in one piece. Food that sticks loses juice and dries out when you try to pry it from a sticky grate. But, you don’t have to grill this way. You can fix this problem by seasoning your grill grates.

Seasoning grates remove contaminants, repels rust and seals pores to stop food from sticking. Seasoning before and after you grill will make cleaning easier and make your food taste better.

Some argue that cleaning the grate before seasoning takes away natural flavors from past meals. However, the advantage of cleaning the grate first is that it’s easier to apply seasoning evenly, and the seasoning will last longer. The choice is yours.

  • 1. Embrace the fat. Before turning the grill on, coat the surface of the grate with high-heat cooking oil. Canola oil and peanut oil work well, but you can also use coconut oil, spray-can vegetable oil, or any type of grease or shortening. Remember: the fattier the oil, the stronger the seasoning.
  • 2. Crank the heat up. Wipe any excess oil off the grate with a paper towel, then turn the grill on high for about 15-20 minutes or until the oil starts to burn or smoke. By the end, the grate should have a shiny finish. Let it cool completely before you start grilling.
  • 3. Re-season regularly. To prevent rust and to make cleanup easier, lightly wash your grate with warm water, dry and coat it in oil after every 4 or 5 grill sessions. See our post on how to clean your grill for more tips.

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