Grilling Season is upon us. Prepare for a season of fun!

Grilling in the Winter

Any sensible grill owner shovels out their grill before the driveway. Wait! You mean you don’t? Snow on the ground is not an excuse to quit grilling for the season. Now once your path is cleared and you’re ready to grill, preheat your barbecue and cover yourself! Many people throw on slippers and run out wearing little at all. Be smart, wear layers, and if needed and equip yourself with warm gloves and a hat. Then it`s time to put the meat on your grill. Don`t forget that it’s not summer, and though you’re a savvy enough griller to know not to do this, don`t open the grill every minute to look at your steak. Know how much time your meat needs to be in there, because every time you open the lid you reduce the inside temperature. You don`t want that if you want to stay outside as little time as possible.

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“I recently purchased my 2nd spa in 21 years from the Pool and Spa Center! I had owned a 1995 Classic spa which ran daily until 2013! That spa still runs, however, I had to leave it in the home I had sold because the new owners asked to keep it! Its a great ammenity to a home if your selling or buying. I went 1 1/2 years without a spa and couldn't take it anymore so we purchased another. The service and people at the Pool and Spa Center are the greatest to work with and their Hot Spring spas last for a long time! I will keep recommending them to anyone! ”

Brad H. ~ Rapid City, SD

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SABER infrared grills use a proprietary IR cooking system that’s so advanced you can actually taste the difference.Every SABER premium grill is made with the same high quality materials and construction. It’s what you’d expect to find in a much higher priced product and is loaded with convenience features that allow you to relax and enjoy serving up delicious food for your family and guests.Every SABER grill uses our patented infrared technology and is made with the same premium materials and quality construction. No one combines performance, innovation and affordability like SABER.

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