ACE® Caring for Your Spa Water

Caring for Your Spa Water

The ACE® system makes spa ownership simpler by reducing the amount of time needed to care for your spa water.

Caring for your spa water with the ACE system consists of:

  • Balancing spa water at start-up
  • Testing weekly to ensure water remains balanced and the chlorine level is within the recommended range
  • Conducting the 30-day check up
  • Cleaning the cell every 90 days

Watch these how-to videos to learn everything you need to know about caring for spa water using the ACE system.

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Regardless of the water care system you use, it is always important to maintain balanced, sanitized spa water.

It’s important to understand the make-up of your water. Talk to your dealer about whether the water in your region has high calcium hardness or metals. We recommend using On The Go portable water softener for filling your spa if you have high levels of calcium hardness or metals in your water.

Balance water using a FreshWater® 5-way test strip. Measure and adjust pH and alkalinity into the “OK” ranges for the ACE system. Use a Vanishing Act calcium remover to decrease calcium hardness as needed. Add salt.


Always maintain balanced spa water. The pH and alkalinity levels must stay within the OK range. Use a test strip weekly, or each time you use the spa, to verify.

Keep total hardness between 25 and 75 ppm.High levels of calcium in spa water will lead to more frequent cell cleaning and replacement. Use a test strip to check hardness, especially after topping off the spa. Use the On the Go portable water softener to eliminate calcium hardness before filling and topping off the spa, or the Vanishing Act calcium remover as needed.

Adjust output levels as needed.The ACE system cannot measure how much chlorine is in the water. The ACE system will continue to generate chlorine according to the Output level selected. It’s important to adjust the use level as your hot tubbing pattern changes.


Every 30 days the water care icon on the control panel and the Hot Spring® ready light on the front of your spa will flash as a reminder to conduct this 30-day maintenance routine:

  1. Test and balance spa water
  2. Confirm Output level
  3. Rinse filter(s)
  4. Shock the water

The 30-day timer will reset any time you adjust your Output level. If you do not perform the 30-day maintenance routine, the ACE system will default to a low-use Output level and your ready light will continue to flash.