Tip #1:  CLEAN FILTERS:   With the dirt, sweat and oils released in a spa, good filtration is essential. How often you clean your filters will depend on the amount of use your spa receives.  The more you use your spa, the more frequently the filters will need cleaning. Cartridge filters are the typical choice and because of the increase in the...

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October 18, 2017


He's got a name and he's ready to shine! Meet Sunny. He's getting a little cold with this weather cooling down but he will be seen throughout the year. Stay tuned for the adventures of Sunny and to learn a little bit more about him

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September 19, 2017


Many of us may only think of putting our grills to use and enjoying our outdoor space when it comes to dinner.  But firing up the grill for breakfast is the perfect way to spend a weekend morning!  There is nothing like the smell of sizzling bacon in the air to wet your appetite!  With the kids back in school and many mornings spent eating on the run, the fall...

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