Benefits of Soaking in Salt Water

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How to Create Hot Tub Privacy at Home

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How To Choose The Hot Tub That’s Right For You

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Planning The Perfect Hot Tub Date Night

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How Many Hot Tub Jets Do I Need?

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Five Helpful Tips for New Hot Tub Users

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How To Beat The Winter Blues With A Hot Tub

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Accessories That Make For The Perfect Gift

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Our Favorite Models To Keep You Warm This Winter

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Benefits of a Saltwater Hot Tub

Saltwater spas are known to improve a person’s health and well-being in three areas: they provide ultimate relaxation, help support a healthy and active lifestyle, and they are easy to maintain!  Relaxation  Chemical-based water quality systems can leave one’s skin dry and irritated with the smell of chlorine. Saltwater-based systems make the water feel softer and are gentler on eyes and skin. Saltwater is also known to have gentle exfoliating … Read More