Planning The Perfect Hot Tub Date Night

As Valentine’s Day nears, a hot tub date night is a great idea no matter if you’ve been together for years or are just beginning to try the relationship out. You can tailor your romantic at-home oasis to fit your personality! It also gives you a space to have the quality alone time that can be difficult to find sometimes. So, here are some ideas for making the night with your loved one extra special!

Plan Ahead 

You want to be sure that you think through every detail beforehand! Some questions to ask yourself might be: have you cleaned out your hot tub? Do you need to go to the store? Should you prepare a playlist of your date’s favorite songs? Do you want to have any activities prepared? These are all things that can both enhance and create an atmosphere for the perfect night.

Set the Mood 

Lots of features and accessories can add to the mood of your evening. If you have lights in your hot tub, turn them onto a color rotation. Make sure your Bluetooth is connected and working throughout the tub to add to the atmosphere with some music. You may also consider lighting candles around the spa or hanging lanterns if your hot tub is on a deck. Flowers are also always a nice touch and your date will most definitely notice the extra effort you put into the night!

Food & Beverages

No romantic date night is complete without some chocolate or sweet treats to indulge in. If sweets aren’t your thing, maybe consider a cheese board or another salty snack! A fruit plate is also always an option that screams romance! It is important to remember that drinking alcohol in a hot tub isn’t encouraged as it can lead to further dehydration. This doesn’t, however, stop you from having a bottle of champagne ready to pop when you get out!

Relax & Unwind

 Once the planning is over, get excited for a night full of fun and relaxation in one of our hot tubs. Contact us at the Pool & Spa Center and let us help you pick out the perfect spa for you and your loved one today!