How to Create Hot Tub Privacy at Home

No matter the reason for purchasing your hot tub, privacy is always important! Whether you want your kids to be able to soak with their friends or for you and your loved one to have a romantic date night in the back yard, an area with no distractions is crucial. It’s easy to create hot tub privacy! You can use the existing features in your backyard or even buy some affordable alternatives. We’ve got you covered – here are some of our favorite ideas.

Plants can be a great way to create optimal coverage. By surrounding your tub with vibrant plants, flowers or bushes, you can essentially create a separate room within your backyard. This natural privacy feature could make use of anything from full bushes to tall trees that already exist in your backyard. The options are endless, and the cost is low!

A privacy structure might also work for your private getaway. You might want to build or purchase a pergola. Or you could use a deck overhang that may already exist. For both, you can attach curtains to create the most romantic evening with your loved one. Thinking about what you already have in your backyard and how it can be repurposed is the best way to save yourself time and money!

You might prefer the hot tub be a part of the natural environment of your backyard. If you have a stone wall, you can position your tub against it to where you are hidden by the wall itself. Maybe you are far enough from your next-door neighbors where setting the tub inside the floor of your deck is the most effective spacing option.

Whether you have an existing landscape you want to work with or additions to make, there are so many cost-effective options to create privacy. We at The Pool & Spa Center can help you come up with the perfect blueprint for any backyard! Visit our showroom or contact one of our professionals today to get started on your private at-home oasis.