Swim Spas offer a great combination of exercise, therapy, relaxation and family fun.

Benefits of a Swim Spa

Exercise. Swim continuously against a water current. Great low-impact exercise!

Compact design. If space is an issue for a 'traditional' pool, swim spas offer the same kind of fun!

Easy Installation. Swim spas can stand alone or can be built in to the ground or deck.

Convenience. Go immediately from your water workout to relaxing in the hot tub. 

“"Thank you so much! Your guys are the best!"”


Dream of owning your own pool, but don’t have the space? Swim Spas offer all the features of a spa, plus a pool and gym, all in one beautifully engineered unit.

We Proudly offer Swim Spas from the following Vendors


Filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes

Skims the surface to remove debris and oils

Vacuums dirt and grit from the floor

Ensures clean, safe water

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